Live channels on Nexus Player

Has anyone with a Nexus Player tried connecting a usb tv tuner with antenna connected to it to the Nexus Player. It says it will work but I need a micro usb to regular usb cable first. The angled one I have doesn’t fit.

BTW there is an Android TV remote app in the playtime that pairs with the Nexus Player. Bluetooth will need to be on to use the microphone.

I don’t think the Nexus Player has a tuner, so it wouldn’t work to just plug in an antenna. I believe you need the program HD Homerun run from a PC with an antenna attached and the Nexus Player provides an interface to view live channels through that. Tablo could also integrate into this program eventually. I don’t use that app but that’s my understanding of how it works.

I read that you can connect a usb tv tuner to the nexus. The antenna would be connected to the nexus.

Interesting, I didn’t think of a USB tuner. Let me know if you get it out and it works. That would be a pretty cool option, though part of the reason I went with Tablo was to get the antenna out of the living room.

I have a USB tuner (KWorld) that connects to my PC. The USB tuner connects to my antenna via coax cable that comes into the room from outside. It acts as my backup to the Tablo; whenever we want something absolutely recorded without fail, we schedule it on both the Tablo and the PC.

I just added The Weather Network and it adds to Livechannels.

You know Pluto TV integrates as well, right?

Of course. I havn’t tried it since upgrading to Android M.

Most of Pluto TV doesn’t play in Live Channels but plays using Pluto TV app. I just deselect ed Pluto TV .

Yeah, I like the Pluto TV native app much more than the livex channels app.

Random question, if you are going to plug a USB tuner into the Nexus Player just to get Live TV, why not just plug the OTA antenna directly into your HDTV? Seems cheaper and simpler, other than having to switch inputs.

Or does the Nexus Player allow you to record shows as well?


I do have an antenna directly to the tv in the living room. I was going to try it on the Nexus Player because I can. It’ll show what is on and let me switch what I’m watching using only one remote control instead of two. If it doesn’t perform good, then back to the tv the antenna goes.

I just got and it works with Nexus Player Live Channels. It requires Android N, which the Mi Box does not currently have.

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