Live Channels on Android TV

Is there a plan to make the Tablo Live TV a source for the Android TV Live Channels App?


From what i’ve see of Live Channels it is a good concept but needs work. Pluto TV works better in app than live channels.

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I was bummed out to learn that Tablo is not a Live TV source for the Live Channels App - especially since NVidia markets it as if it is - very confusing. At the same time, Live Channels today doesn’t provide any value - I think Google has some grand plans here, given the focus at Google I/O. It’s essentially an app without a purpose.

The TV framework for Android TV is there for live channels. The Weather Network is implemented perfectly. It’s up to devs of apps to write to the Live Channels spec. It would be something else to add to the never ending list, and I prefer Dolby pass thru th live channels.

Yea, that’s pretty much what I meant beastman. Although, I’ve had no luck with the Weather Network implementation. I’ll have to try again. I had no luck getting it to work. I was probably too busy playing with Kodi.

I tried Kodi but couldn’t figure it out. I have enough to watch .

Yea, I figured out pretty quickly that if you like stealing content, Kodi might be a good answer. It’s too much trouble for even a thief though, IMHO. I spent a few hours tinkering and found it very, very interesting. But, frankly, I’d rather pay a few bucks more per month for whatever it is it wants to give me for free. I don’t really see the value in it with Plex available for local content management.