Live channel grid is not showing


No live channel grid showing. Channels are still there but just blue lines instead of showing what is on.

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Reboot your router, Tablo and then your playback device.


Have already tried that. Still no live grid


When was the last guide update?


It’s updating now. How long should it take? I have 28 channels


If it’s the first time, it could take a couple hours.


Ok, I will let it run and get back to. Thanks


If that doesn’t work, change your zip code to a nearby zip code. Sometimes the guide data isn’t correct for your zip code. You have to contact Tablo Support directly to get that fixed.


I get channels from the SF bay area that do not show any information in the guide other then the channel number. I live in the Sacramento area,


Try a zip code close to where the broadcast antenna’s are located.


I have recently experienced the grid showing but not populating the shows. The shows still play if I select the channel it just does not populate. I believe I have resolved this by disabling the 14 day preview in the guide. Shouldn’t have to do this but it appears to have worked. Back into obscurity.


This happened to me today. No TV grid on Live TV. Just a spinning circle.
I have two Roku’s and they both would not ever show the grid on Live TV. Everything else worked (Recordings, Shows, Movies, Scheduled)
The web app on Chrome worked just fine.

As was previously mentioned, I switched the 14 day grid back to 1 day. No change.
I then reset the Roku. No change.
I finally reset my Tablo (4-channel). That seemed to fix the Live TV grid problem.