Little help from those that have been there done that

So my 4 tuner is on the way and Game of Thrones is about to end (Sunday) so I have no issue from my wife to “cut the cord”. That being stated, she wanted me to “test it out” before I cut the cord. So here is what I will be doing. Those that have been there done that, do you see any issues I may run into?

I have cable via WOW (Wide Open West) and it has one main box that controls my cable and internet. My plan WILL be to have just internet and connect via Ethernet to my router for Tablo and Roku 3. 

But during my test phase I can not connect directly due to location of their box and my ANT and will need to test via wireless. ANT to Tablo, Hard Drive connected, etc, but along with the Roku 3, it will be wireless via wifi. Is this an issue? OR is momma just out of luck?

Thoughts suggestions?

@napercort - So you’ll have your Tablo and your Roku connected wirelessly? There’s no reason it shouldn’t work.

I have my Tablo at home connected wirelessly as my antenna coax comes into the basement on the right hand side of the house and my internet comes in upstairs at the left hand side of the house. Works just fine using a new-ish D-Link router. 

I would say try it and see… Others have posted many various issues with WiFi and all seems to come down to WiFi being wonky. If u notice issues, power line adapters are the way to go IMO.

I could not get to work for the initial setup over WiFi. I connected directly to my router. 

Oh and as far as game of Thrones. I didn’t wait I cut the cord prior to seasons end. I will buy the season once it comes to download or DVD. Will still be money ahead and I will own the season. 

I had issues with wi-fi.  Powerline adaptors solved all my problems!

@PiX64 - That is true… We’ve seen wonky WiFi happening on some cable company provided routers as well as super old routers. (Sometimes those are the same thing! :slight_smile:

@Tablo @PiX64 @a9erfan

Thanks for the info. If I have issues…well…we have been married for 23 years so I am sure it will all work out. I could move the WOW box down to my family room if need be and then connect to it there…

After the “trial run” and I set up my router (once I cut cable) and such do I reset the Tablo and start the set up over, or just connect it to the router and off we go?

@napercort If speed and acceptance are your first priorities, at the least set the Tablo to record at 720… I’ve set the Roku to display at 720 as well. Basically, if incorporating Wi-Fi in the mix, I’m of the opinion to not be greedy on the Wi-Fi bandwidth. Now I can’t speak to the actual network traffic reduction ( @TabloTV might) but it should be significant at burst rates… also the Tablo 720 quality is really great.

Some might point out that buffering by the Roku will mitigate the issue… But let’s not kid ourselves… While that is largely true, it’s the first 3 seconds that matter. I personally don’t want to waste them. This is especially true with internet streaming services the Roku can also access. With the lose of net neutrality laws, I’m already noticing degraded performance from internet sources. It appears the golden years of buffering as-a-solution for 1080 content is now behind us. It’s a good time to utilize OTA for video, via a Tablo and I rent blue ray movies whenever I can plan ahead… Wasting my life with 720 content whenever I’m impulsive (or watching TV).

Hope the wife loves the Tablo.

I have "inside"OTA antenna top Of TV cabinet for locals feeding Tablo in the cabinet first floor 45 feet from bssement router.ROKU 3 in cabinet also. Everything works great wireless once I got factory reset rules figured out: leave HD connected during fact reset, remove Tablo Samsung S3 app & reinstall. Do Tablo wifi prompted setup for it to see my home wireless network… I’m thinking of antenna, splitter, one feed to tv (which has it’s tuner) & other side feed Tablo. Splitters can introduce 3 3db(1/2 signal strength) loss.May need a antenna preamp. Question:Is it possible to overdrive Tablo antenna input? I to do this to record tablo 2-tuner unit and watch other live TV on the TV.

I am happy to offer input but I’m having a hard time decoding your post.

What exactly are you asking?