Listing info not available

One station is showing up in my listings, but there is no information descibing what is on. Can you tell me how to fix it?

If it’s an OTA channel, I assume the gen 4 is the same a legacy. You open a ticket and include the zip code and virtual channel number. And hopefully the name of the network.

But be aware some stations do not report programming, especially if it’s just local or some oddball network.

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That’s why users often check titantv to see if they know about the schedule. And most of the stations that do not supply a schedule are low power stations versus full power stations.

Assuming you have given your correct zip code et cetera information then I believe channel listings are pulled from the Internet, so if that is the case then the problem probably rests with your Internet connection and/or your WiFi or Ethernet connection. Often I have my schedule empty and wait patiently while it fills, on some occasions even the station names especially in the streaming channel streaming area are left empty. Just be patient, they will eventually fill.

Welcome, @rvohwink1.

Sadly, I still have a channel that does not show a guide. As @zippy stated, some stations do not provide one OTA and the one in my example does not.

This was my original support ticket and @TabloSupport sent about 7 emails with helpful ideas on how to fix this, but nothing has ever been resolved. I have given up and just don’t watch the channel. (Which has now added a holiday sub-channel – of course with no guide.)

However, since we are able to pull station EPG info through other websites independent of Tablo, it would be great if we were able to set some recordings up like we did on old VCRs (Station, Date, Time, Length, etc).

If you do get your missing channel information, please let us know what actually did work – I’m still open to new ideas!

The legacy apps have manual recording as you want - VCR style. That is on the to do list for gen 4 apps. usually a feature like that limps out per app/device and not all at once. But if titantv has an EPG for the OTA channel, the gen 4 guide supplier (whoever that is) should also have access to it.

I’d never titantv before. Thanks for the info.

It’s … well… I’m not sure what to make of it. They do not list the main channel or it’s secondary, but they do show other sub-channels that I’ve never heard of (and no matter how I scan, cannot receive). Weird.

It would be interesting if @rvohwink1 had an OTA guide through a TV scan, or if the channel in question showed up on titantv.

It’s good to know that manual recording could be a possibility in the future, but since it would be such a rarely used feature, it’s understandable if it doesn’t happen.

(A little blathering, a little complaining. Just don't want to take attention away from the poor user's issue.)


The channel I had an issue with was BUZZR. At one time I’d found a guide – maybe through them directly – that seemed to be pretty accurate, so it’s odd that if I can find the info, why the Tablo can’t be set up to do something similar.