List style of Recordings

The pictures / icons take up too much room.  And no date is listed with the web app nor recordings count.  A simple list, sorted, expandable to show the number and date of episodes would be far better than the big, sloppy snapshots with no data.

This is a popular request @oldmike

Many folks prefer a list style option vs. thumbnail so we’ll definitely consider this for future UI improvements. 

Can’t quite remember the environment, perhaps watch Table through Plex on an old iPad, but there was a selectable option that went to list mode.  Can’t find it again though.  It’s all just meta data; a minor task to program.

a related request i have is to have the “scheduled” section show when the next recording will take place for each show scheduled, subject to the length of the guide, of course.

@oldmike @rem736 I’m in the same boat as you guys but the good news is  Tablo for Plex has you covered for now, I have a “Scheduled” section that will show you a list of what is going to be recorded and “Recent Recordings” showing you a list of recordings by recorded date. 

@TabloTV Keep in mind I love the thumbnails but I really don’t think it is a preference thing, its more that none of the native apps can answer two questions:

1. What programs are going to record this week? (I.E is there a new agents of shield to look forward being recorded this week?)

2. What was most recently recorded? 

@Davidvr - Indeed. List options seem to be very popular and we’re definitely planning to add more views & ways to slice and dice Tablo data. 

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David: how do I update the Plex Tablo channel?  I still have big thumbnails with little info, not the lists you describe.

I like the snapshots from the recordings but a smaller list view would be nice.

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The main problem with the Tablo on Plex channel is that there is a snapshot of each episode, so gotta go looking at several if you are catching up on a series.  The native Plex would show one bucket, then one season, then put a number of for each episode.  With Tablo there is nothing but the snapshot and a few words.  So for sure my vote is a list, grouped by show, one line per episode.  It I guess better: user select.

Any update on being able to turn off thumbnails and have a simple list view?

I love the thumbnails. I think its a beautiful interface. It could use an option to switch to list view though, in order to quickly see the most recent recordings, as well as the other uses suggested in this thread.