Lip sync resolution... not ideal

Thought I would pass on my experience in case it would help someone else.
I have a higher end Vizio TV and a Vizio 5.1 soundbar, running a roku on it. I have had continual lip sync issues. Personally, it drives me nuts, I know others aren’t that sensitive. This only occurs with Tablo. Netflix, Philo, Amazon, etc, all have perfect lip sync.

I was connecting the soundbar via HDMI (ARC) and the roku via HDMI to the TV as well. I tried optical but it still has a lip sync problem. My TV has a lip sync setting, but only one way (0-5) and it only made it worse. In playing around with things, I found that if I plugged the roku into the soundbar HDMI in and then the soundbar into the TV via HDMI out, it would pass video and the lip sync was working. The downside to this is that the soundbar doesn’t support the latest HDCP, so no 4k, I have to use 1080. That sucks, but it’s a trade I’m willing to make because the 1080 picture is certainly acceptable, audio out of sync is not.

Ideally, Tablo would incorporate a lip sync/audio delay-advance setting into its app. Just thought this might be of some use to someone here, I appreciate all the help I’ve been given on other issues.

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I haven’t had any real lip sync issues. My setup is a TCL Roku TV, Vizio 5.1 soundbar and a Shield TV.

Shield TV is plugged into the HDMI In on the soundbar, soundbar is connected to the TV via ARC.

Are you saying you get a 4k signal passed thru your Vizio soundbar? If so, any insights on that?

As far as other equipment… I don’t have an issue with a Roku TV I bought last year -or- with an old Vizio that uses it’s own speakers. On the Vizio that does have the lip sync issue, it also had it with internal speakers. Never gonna buy a Vizio again. Picture is nice, but their OS is pretty wonky.

I posted mainly to show what I went thru in case someone else has issues. Had I known, I would have looked for a sound bar that had HDMI pass thru with the current HDCP standard. I swear they do this stuff to force you to buy new equipment.

If you search Tablo Community Forum for lip sync You’ll find many/most mention a Roku device and occasionally sound bar/system.

Maybe it’s because of the specific model I have? I have the SB36512-F6.

The rTINGS review for it indicates it supports 4k.

How are you confirming yours doesn’t support 4k?

Well, when I plugged the roku into it and then into the TV, I get a message on my TV that it doesn’t support 4k, only 1080p. I’ve tried other inputs, same message. I have a PX65 tv and a SB3651 soundbar purchased at Sams. I see the link you posted refers to Atmos, which mine doesn’t have. Maybe that’s it.

Must indeed be a difference between models as I have never received any messages like that