Lip sync issue, maybe a fix for some

Thought I would post this as it may help some. I really like my Tablo, but one thing that has dogged me about it is it loses audio sync. Drives me nuts to see lips move and audio not matching. Happens on all devices from time to time. It’s only the Tablo, streaming services have no issue.

Anyway, I have a Vizio soundbar with a remote on one of my TVs. The input is set to HDMI-ARC. I’ve found that if I lose lip sync, I can cycle thru the inputs (optical, HDMI, etc) and come back around to HDMI-ARC, then the lip sync is restored.

Hope this helps.


While I have not had that issue with the Tablo, I have had that issue with a Philips Soundbar. Some sound bars offer a setting to adjust the delay. Check the settings of your soundbar. You may just have to cycle it each time or change the order you turn on the devices. If you are turning on the television first, try turning on the soundbar first or reversed. From my understanding, it is a common issue with soundbars.