Linux support web app

Does the web app support linux users? When I try to launch it from linux using firefox, it says I need flash player installed. This is 2018, why does it still require an obsolete plugin instead of HTML5???

Could it be that the WEB software supports the lowest common denominator of all supported browsers?

Does the site indicate a minimum browser version for the various browsers across platforms? If not would that imply a need for flash?

Very strange. works for me in Safari, and I don’t have Flash installed on this computer. So it doesn’t really need Flash.

The Tablo shouldn’t require it.
Check to make sure Firefox isn’t the problem using this Futuremark test, which takes about 5 minutes to complete:

Do the HTML5 sections display?

The guide and the app works…I just can’t watch any channel because it shows that flash player is required.

I ran the HTML test and it failed two (I disabled webGL):
HTML5 Capabilities
Yes (9780.67 ops)
Yes (10363.29 ops)
Yes (50.43 fps)

So the only thing that actually failed was videoCodecH264

You mean my Firefox version 34 supports HTML5?

Okay 2 more things.

This is a more up to date HTML5 capabilities check from YouTube:

I don’t have Adobe Flash Player installed, by the way.
My Firefox v58.0.2 x64 on MS Windows 10 Professional x64 has the following mediasource config settings:
media.mediasource.enabled true
media.mediasource.mp4.enabled true true
media.mediasource.webm.endabled false

I use it from Linux… no flash, no problems (openSUSE).

Sounds like you’re missing the H.264 codec, so it’s falling back to Flash.

After installing the h264 codecs, it is working. Thanks!

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Actually no. Instead of stating a obsolete, non supported, highly insecure plugin to be installed…they should state the reason why the “fallback approach” of the h264 codec failed so the end user can actually fix it.