Linus Tech Tips comparing streaming boxes

Official video title: This $20 Android TV Streaming Box is Great for Pirates - Android TV Device Roundup

This is a pretty good look at “unlocked” android compatible streaming boxes, as well as how Walmart’s 4k onn box compares to them. There is no mention of Tablo, but with a deep look into the hardware, I thought others might find this interesting.

LTT isn’t without controversy, but after promises to do better I have to hope that their more recent content has gone through better and more extensive testing.

As a side note, I have seen many users mention that they are experiencing issues with the HD version of the ChromeCast with Google TV when using the 4th gen TabloTV app. Please try to keep this in mind while searching for that perfect streaming box. I make no guarantees that your Tablo will work with any of these that are not recommended by Tablo, so make sure you look into which ones are.