Limited connectivity

Sorry is this is a duplicate thread, but…I am fairly new to Tablo and enjoy it immensely, except for the Roku app. The hard-wired Tablo connects to the network, and the Roku is connected wirelessly, but once a week, I have to reboot everything because the Roku app can’t find the Tablo even the my computer browser can.  It can take me several reboots to get the app to find the Tablo in the network.  Anyone else having issues?
As stated, the Tablo is connected via ethernet, and Roku wirelessly.  Both are on the same network hub.  My Roku is the XD model.

What make and model of router are you using?  Netgear AC routers seem to have this problem (my iPad won’t see the Tablo every so often, causing me to reboot the router when it happens).

I’d try powerline adapters.  I have tp-link 500mb and they work great.

@cecil30 I’d try @snowcat’s recommendation - does a reboot of the router fix the issue? Or do you need to reboot everything on the network? If you can find which one seems to ‘fix’ the problem, it’ll help in tracking down the root cause.

Amazing!  I AM using the Netgear AC Nighthawk!  It’s a great router (and expensive) and I really don’t want to change it.  Any ideas how to get around this?   Support: I have been rebooting the router, tablo and Roku to get going again.  Next time this happens, I will try just the individual components to narrow it down.  As I said before, the tablo doesn’t lose connection, just with the Roku box.

The Nighthawk has a known problem with computers not seeing printers connected on the network, and I think the Tablo is having the same issue.  A reboot of the router fixes it for a while, but the issue usually returns.  

I did update the firmware this week, so I recommend logging into the router and updating it to.  I haven’t had any issues since then, but I need to try it for a few weeks to be sure.