Lifetime subscription suddenly expired? Schedule recordings all gone

Suddenly my Lifetime subscription is expired. I noticed because all my scheduled recordings are gone except for manual recordings.

This is warning I see in Browser - tvOS and iOS devices also say its expired:

but shows appears to indicate subscription is good? Tiny green checkmark:

Reboot your Tablo.

I did try and reboot prior to posting - didn’t help.

I have seen that twice on two separate tablos but it has been a several months. A Refresh under settings brought it back both times.

If you’re still seeing this behaviour, I recommend rebooting your Tablo (again), and then navigating to the Settings screen in the Tablo app. Select the ‘Refresh’ button under the subscription settings. If your Tablo is able to reach our servers your subscription status should correct itself.

Somehow between yesterday and now it has started working again on its own.

Is this Refresh button available the Apple TV interface?