Lifetime Guide Subscription

My lifetime or the device’s lifetime?

I too have never found this clearly defined. Prior to “the change” it was even more vague.

Your Tablo subscription is tied to YOU, not a specific device.

You can change or upgrade to a new Tablo DVR and keep your existing subscription.

But once you die, does your estate notify Nuvyyo and it’s cut off?

I don’t think it was vague at all prior to “the change”. It was clearly tied to you and not the device as people who had multiple Tablos were covered under the one lifetime subscription.

It’s a little more complicated now but for the majority of people I would guess they own a single Tablo, so that change actually doesn’t affect them unless they move to using multiple Tablo units.


Let’s say you buy a DUAL LITE now. Then in 6 months you decide to upgrade to a QUAD. You can easily switch your lifetime subscription from the DUAL LITE to the QUAD via the portal.

Then a few months later your mother-in-law moves into the basement. You want to give her the DUAL LITE so she doesn’t use up all your tuners and hard drive recording Judge Judy.

With the current subscription structure, you’d need to purchase an additional subscription for the DUAL LITE if you wanted to keep it on your QUAD.

Only those who had active subscriptions prior to March of 2019 can touch base with support to extend their subscriptions to multiple DVRs.

If they give the Dual Lite to the mother-in-law, and she buys a lifetime subscription, when she passes (RIP), there’s no longer a guide subscription for the Dual Lite?

True, but it was never explicitly stated in the terms.

Actually, prior to the change I think it was. Hence the response when “the change” was announced.