Library Highlight active Recordings

It would be really nice if shows/movies that are actively recording be highlighted when you go into the Library in “Latest Recordings” or “Coming Soon” area.

I’d like “Currently recording” separate from “Latest Recordings” and “Coming Soon” – I don’t like watching recordings that aren’t finished and this would clear up some confusion. (I prefer the icons when I’m moving throughout the recording.) The current setup is also a bit bewildering. Using the word “Latest” implies a recording is done. Even adding the time of recording to this screen would clear up a lot of the confusion. The date, Title, Station ID and Station Number are there, but relying on our Tablos to know when to record means we don’t necessarily pay attention to what’s being recorded.

(I’m still in favor of a grid-like or graph-like page of what times my Tablo will be busy, so I can do any updates or system-wide reboots I need to do.)

While I use the Scheduled Coming soon filter I never use the Latest Recordings filter.

When it comes to sports like football (NCAA or NFL) I always watch the playback of local teams while it is being recorded. You can always pause and get up and leave the house when desired - drive to the beach and watch the surf try to destroy the local neighborhood. That kind of helps reduce the final score from leaking out before we get to really watch the ending.

If some grid is telling you when the tablo is busy so you can do maintenance, I’m not sure what tablo mauntenance that should be. When the product stabilizes the firmware updates will drop off to every 4-6 months. And if the firmware is working properly the unit shouldn’t need to be rebooted. Mt legacy units haven’t been rebooted since the last firmware update - whenever that was.

I love your beach DVR drama – intense!

I’m hoping the firmware gets stabilized soon and I don’t need to reboot because there’s an issue … somewhere. Usually I assume something is wrong in the network connection to the Tablo (seems to be their default thought) more than the Tablo itself. But, I tend to try to do it all at once. And it would be great if we could schedule those whatever 2am-6am updates/cleanings it does – or if it were smart enough to see that “hey, I’m busy ATM, try again” before destroying recordings!

It’s not that often that I need to do a network reboot, and it’s normally fine, unless I’m recording a FAST channel. That’s pretty much the only reason I worry about what the Tablo is doing at certain times of the day (and I’ve become way too spoiled with FAST that it feels like it’s always recording something.) RN, these things seem to be in a state of constant disarray, and I’ve done more network/device reboots since owning my Tablo then I usually do in a year!

I think I’ve mentioned before that having some idea of what’s about to record (all day or otherwise), without needlessly scrolling through the guide, would help me decide if I want to watch something live or let it record. “Coming Soon” missing from most of the 4th gen apps is a mistake. I rarely use the Latest section unless I’m just popping over to recordings and what I want to watch is right there (usually the news.)