LG WebOS app - playback problems

I use the Tablo app on the LG WebOS TV. But more often than not, it gets stuck on specific recordings. It needs a reboot and then it would play another recording. If I play the same recording again, it would sometimes get stuck at the same spot or another spot. Painful!

If I pick up the iPhone and play the same recording, it plays fine.

My guess is that the app on WebOS is not updated very frequently and is buggy. Has anyone found a solution to this? Is there another app like Plex or Kodi that runs on LG WebOS that works as a front end.

If not, I am open to buying a device. What platform (Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire Stick) has the more versatile and stable Tablo front end app?


My personal preference is Roku. Haven’t had any issues (that were not addressed way in the past).

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I have an LG webOS TV as well, but hardly use smart tv features on any set anymore.

I use an Apple TV 4K, and it does a great job of replaying recorded content, live shows, and managing recordings.

In addition, you’d have access to the impressive iTunes streaming library; you can integrate existing VOD purchases using Movies Anywhere.

OP here, I have an Apple TV and find its app to be pretty good. But it is currently used on a Samsung TV which does not have a Tablo app. For the LG I use the WebOS based Tablo app.