LG webOS 2.0 Tablo App experience

I just got a Tablo at the end of August. I have a 4 tuner Tablo with a 2GB WD usb 3.0 drive and its direct wired into my network using a small Gbit switch for the Tablo and tv network connections. I downloaded the Tablo app to my LG 55" LED 4K TV. It was easy to find in the LG store and downloaded without any issues. I’m using a Muho 30 antenna directly connected to the Tablo.

The app generally works pretty well, I had some issues the first day or so that I think were related to the Tablo getting its guide initially downloaded. After that its been pretty smooth.

The only issue I see is when watching live TV. When you initially switch to a channel, there will be some small pauses after it starts displaying and then usually a longer pause about 10 to 30 seconds in. The small pauses appear only to be audio but the longer one freezes the frame for a few seconds before resuming. It doesn’t appear that any continuity is lost however and it stops doing this once the channel has been displaying for a minute or two. I also noticed that this happens much less if something is being recorded on a different channel at the same time.

Things I’d like to see changed:

  • Ability to use the channel button to move from one channel to another. I don’t have the Smart remote either, so I don’t even care about that.

  • When changing channels you always have to go through an intermediate screen where you select play or record. This is annoying. I’d be nice if when you go back from some show it takes you directly to the guide screen. It would be even better when you go to a channel it defaulted to play and skipped that screen as well.

  • Handling glitches on live TV is not very smooth. If I watch the same show later after recording or if I backup the show a bit and replay it, the glitches get smoothed out pretty well and almost disappear. This ia OTA tv so there are still occassional glitches and I’m impressed how well the recorded content patches them up and minimizes the affects on the picture and sound. I just wish live TV used the same filters as well.

  • When using the right arrow to advance 30 seconds, it should stop when it gets caught up to live TV. What it does now is wraps around to the beginning of the show. Very annoying. Took us a bit to figure out what was happening.

  • I wish my TV could set the Tablo app to start by default when I turn it on or hit the home key. That would make this really seamless. Probably an LG issue and not related to the Tablo app itself.

Thats it for now. I’ll post up any other things I think of later.