LG TV Beta Testers


Please include me as a beta tester for LG Smart TV. I own a OLED LG which has the Web os 2.0 and ready to be a beta tester for the same.

So excited to see that announcement.


Cool - we’ll post a thread when we’re ready to get that show on the road. Stay tuned!

PS - If you have an LG webOS 1.0 TV you can do an upgrade for free :slight_smile:

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Please include me as a beta tester as well I too own a LG Web 2.0 Smart TV that I purchased during the Holidays.

Cant wait to try it out!



I would like to be one of your beta testers for your new LG TV. It will be my firs one. I still have the old fashion square Lol. I am so excited to have one if yall will let me be a tester. This will be very exciting. Can’t wait

Hey, I would like to be one of your LG TV Beta Testers. I am pretty tech smart but, don’t have the money to buy a lot of stuff. Right now I have a Sanyo flat screen but, it’s not mine.

I’m pretty sure you got to buy your own LG TV.

Lol @ posting to a year old thread and giving LG TV’s away.

Hi, if you still have room for beta testers, I would lights to be one and test out TV firmware currently has an LG C6 and C8 Oled tv

Thanks for your interest but the LG app is out & available.

Get the scoop on how to download it here: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/how-find-download-tablo-app-your-smart-tv/