LG tv app not working

New user. Tablo dual lite. 6T wd hard drive. Using android phone app, apple phone app and windows app (via ethernet connected desktop)
on appropriate devices no problems. But my main device, LG Oled tv…not so much. App installs fine. Loads up and sees the tablo but just gets the spinning wheel and never stops trying to connect…just keeps spinning. Tv and tablo both plugged into the same router on my ethernet network.

Any thoughts about how to get this thing paired up and running?

Can you try rebooting the Tablo & reinstalling the app on your LG TV?
If you have the issue, take note of any messages on the screen. Do you see a ‘Connecting’ or ‘Syncing’ message?

I’ve done that, message is “connecting” with the spinning wheel

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I have been using various Roku boxes to access Tablo for more than 4 years now. A few years ago I purchased an LG OLED TV and experimented with the Tablo App. I personally found the Roku a much better way to access Tablo. YMMV.

Which version of WebOS is running on your TV? 3.5 and\or above? My LG TV (2018) is wire connected to the LAN and the connection to the Tablo is immediate. Is your LG using wifi?

Is your LG set to auto update firmware and software?

My tv is wire connected to the same router as the tablo and also connected via wifi but I have not used wifi for the tablo, just ethernet. The tv is 2017 model set to auto-update. Not sure which version WebOS. It’s 60 miles from where I’m at so I can’t check…

Since my LG is wired into the router, I have wifi disabled. Try disabling wifi on the LG as a test.

@ben1 is your LG wifi connected?

My LG is on Wifi. It was originally hard-wired to the router, unplugged it & used hard wire for the HD Homerun (to keep from running a second cable). After I ditched the Homerun, never got around to re-connecting the LG. As to everyday performance, I haven’t noticed a difference.

Did you ever have any problems connecting to the Tablo from the LG?

Never a problem, either way, it’s been outstanding all around from day one. I do have a splitter, so I can pipe directly into the TV as well as the Tablo (better for simple viewing, due to superior tuner in the LG).

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Yeah, I just wanted to confirm for da moose that the LG works fine with the Tablo whether wired (me) or wifi (you) before Joey Bejm pipes in LOL.

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When I first purchased my LG Smart TV, I worked so hard trying to get Tablo to work through the OS. It would load but would fail. Gave up. Just now, I tested the the Tablo app through LG Web OS and I could watch Live TV and recorded stuff. Don’t know what the problem used to be, but now it is fixed. I won’t use it as I find it easier to run stuff through the Roku platform.

Don’t know if this helps.

Just getting home. Got the tv off the wifi and tried the tablo app, the Tablo connected in just a few seconds. Seems to be working as expected. Thanks to everyone for helping,


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The reason I mentioned getting it off wifi is because I had a similar problem with my Windows laptop. As long as it was both wired and wifi, it struggled to connect to other things. It had to be either wired or wifi but not both.