LG Tablo app loads fine, but can't get back to lists after selecting a channel

So, Tablo loads ok, gets me to the list view. I select a live channel to watch, it starts playing back, all good right? I try to change channels or watch a recording, no commands work at all, I cannot get back to the list view, or anything really. I can only pause, then play live tv. I have tried using every key on my LG remote and it is as if it doesn’t get any of the commands. Any ideas?

Are you using the Tablo app on your LG TV? (or a streaming box attached to your LG TV)

Assuming it’s an app on your LG TV, it sounds like your remote isn’t working properly. To test that, try a different streaming app to see if it works okay. In other words, does your remote work okay with all commands in other LG TV apps?

I have the LG Plex app and it seems to work fine. Ok, so I just checked it again and it seems to be working as expected. Thanks for responding, and I have no idea what changed, but it is working now.

Great! Happy you sorted it out (or at least the little LG gremlins did).

I just loaded my Tablo app on my new LG smart tv this morning and I am having this same problem. I start the app and choose my channel fine, but trying to change the channel or get back to the app listing with the LG remote is not working. The channel buttons on the remote seem to be taking the stream backward or forward. I’ve tried all the remote buttons and nothing gets me back to the app or allows me to change the channel. I have to actually go to the home button and reselect the Tablo app, reconnect and select a different channel. All my other apps are working fine.

Are you trying to use the channel up/down button?

Unfortunately those buttons are not mapped. You’ll need to use the directional buttons to navigate inside the app.

I have the LG Magic Remote, and what would equate to the buttons you show, do not work to change channels on my remote.

It would still be the directional buttons but they look different:

Yes, I know. Those do not change the channel either. The right and left arrows move the stream forward and back. The up and down arrows do nothing.

You must return to the Live TV guide to select a new channel from the grid.

Well darn. I was hoping the Tablo app would work on my new TV as it does with the Roku. :frowning_face: I wanted to get rid of my Roku and just use the apps on my smart TV and get rid of having to use 2 remotes. Thanks for all the quick responses.