LG Tablo app loads fine, but can't get back to lists after selecting a channel


So, Tablo loads ok, gets me to the list view. I select a live channel to watch, it starts playing back, all good right? I try to change channels or watch a recording, no commands work at all, I cannot get back to the list view, or anything really. I can only pause, then play live tv. I have tried using every key on my LG remote and it is as if it doesn’t get any of the commands. Any ideas?


Are you using the Tablo app on your LG TV? (or a streaming box attached to your LG TV)

Assuming it’s an app on your LG TV, it sounds like your remote isn’t working properly. To test that, try a different streaming app to see if it works okay. In other words, does your remote work okay with all commands in other LG TV apps?


I have the LG Plex app and it seems to work fine. Ok, so I just checked it again and it seems to be working as expected. Thanks for responding, and I have no idea what changed, but it is working now.


Great! Happy you sorted it out (or at least the little LG gremlins did).