LG OLED TV Remote with Tablo

I have recently bought an LG OLED TV. Because Tablo has no remote of it’s own, it must be operated via the TV remote.

Does anyone have any idea how to turn on Subtitles during a live Table TV show with this remote?

Also, does anyone have any idea how to set up a Table Recording During a Tablo show? I know how to turn on recording before the Live show. How about during a show to record a certain part of it? This need happens routinely during one of the morning news shows (GMA or Today), when an interview of interest comes on.


Ron (Tablo OTA Dual)

The Exception
Unfortunately, Tablo does not support closed captioning via the LG Web OS app as the player software does not allow it.

I have a LG C1 that I just bought. While I still use a Roku mainly, I have added the LG Tablo app to it.

To record a live show from the current point, click on the return button (backward arrow). That brings up a show menu, and you can click on Record.

Great info! Thanks a lot! That works great.

Now, does anyone know how to turn on Closed Captions, while watching a live show on Tablo and using an LG Smart TV remote?



You can’t using the LG app. You have to use a set top box like a Roku/AppleTV/Android. That is what I posted earlier.

Hi There,

Thanks again for the info. I did not notice the bit about subtitles, that you posted last time.

I have a Samsung 4k with the Tizen OS and the Tablo app works fine on it. I heard they stopped supporting Samsung, but mine still works fine, use it every day. I also use the Samsung web browser, but never tried Tablo in it.