LG Drop Production of ATSV3 Tuners

LG one of the largest TV produces because of a lawsuit are no longer offering ATSC3 tuners on the new TV’s

Does this impact Tablo if other TV makes do the same?

This is about essential patents and patent trolls. To me it’s good news for manufacturers of ATSC 3.0 gateways. Buy one gateway and feed the ATSC 3.0 to multiple devices - one patent fee for multiple devices.

Very interesting read. I will follow this topic to see the impact.

Would would need to follow the FCC docket number. And FCC issues take months for review.

Here is the coverage from Cord Cutters News:

I believe ATSC 1.0 will be around a lot longer now, but I also believe there will be some type of settlement among TV manufacturers concerning this issue …! Maybe the FCC will take action by intervening too …!

Maybe that’s why the FCC in April form a committee with NAB to work on the phase out of ATSC 1.0