LG App freezes when paused on live tv too long

I’ve only experienced this a couple of times but it happened the same way. I paused the tv and then left it for an extended time (probably longer than an hour). I came back and hit the = button to resume and it did nothing. It did show the 0:00 progress tag at the point in the timeline it would be expected to resume from but that was it. I’m not sure of the steps but I think I hit the back button several times until it finally got me back to the guide but I think the app crashed and restarted. I know I can exit the app and restart it to get it going again.

@t_g_farrell Hey there! We’re taking a look at this.

Great! If you need more details on setup, versions yada yada let me know.

This is still an issue for my app and Tablo. Is there a plan to fix the LG app?