LF: Cord Cutting Binge-Watching Super Fans

Hi folks -

A journalist from a major US publication has reached out to us looking to speak to folks who are cord cutting obsessed.

So if you consider cord cutting & TV viewing to be one of your main hobbies and have:

  • Tried every cord cutting device/platform
  • Tested all the streaming TV services
  • Spent a ludicrous amount of time & money futzing with and perfecting your setup

… they’d like to speak with you in the next few days.

They’re basically looking for streaming TV power users… Like the cord cutting equivalent to ‘Elite Status’ frequent flyers who know all the ins & outs and tricks.

… And we know some of you folks fit the bill!

So if you’re game, send us a DM with one detail about you that showcases your cord cutting nerd status and we’ll get you connected.

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When will we be able to binge watch our tablo recordings through our tablo apps?

I’m using “binge” to mean “autoplay.”

Thanks, I do prefer hobbyist or perhaps enthusiasts.

My main hobby - “TV viewing”

not to be confused with - watching television aka “a couch potato”