Less channels thru Tablo

I was getting 27 channels with my HD Antenna attached to my TV, but only 17 thru the Tablo. How do I get the other channels back?

Whitch Tablo are you using? Quad or dual tuner?

You can lose weak channels because the Tablo must split the OTA signal.

I had the same problem until I installed a pre-amp and a distribution amp. I have the 4-tuner which splits the signal 4 times. I am glad I did it, not just to get the channels back. The signal is now stronger than before I split it 4 times with the Tablo.

I did some research and found these to be the best. Not cheapest, but best. The distribution amp is adjustable so you do not over amplify.

Distribution amp.


I have the 4 Tuner Tablo. I guess that’s why the signal is not as good. I’ll look into the pre-amp and distribution amp.

Looks like the pre-amp and distribution amp are for an outdoor antenna. I live in a condo and need to use an indoor antenna. Looks like there’s some amplified indoor antennas. Or any other ideas for an indoor antenna?

For an indoor antenna I would try just the distribution amp. These are very common for split signals. I have mine installed 6 inches from the Tablo with a short Coax Cable. This way I am amping the signal right before the splitter


Our super smart users are right as usual. Digital is either ON or OFF, unlike analog where the picture would get ‘fuzzy’ before disappearing. 

Check out this graph: 

As you can see, there is a ‘cliff’ of reception for digital. If your channels were on the edge of this cliff, the small amount of attenuation on the signal that Tablo’s tuners cause could lead those channels to ‘fall off’ that cliff. 

The best way to solve this is with a beefier antenna or an amplifier. 

I am seeing the same problem - my Sony Bravia gets many channels the Tablo refuses to see - including the strongest and most local channels.  I’ve already got a pre-amp (Channel Master Titan 2) in the signal chain (mounted at the antenna), so I’m not sure about adding another amp.  Any thoughts?

When I re-scan the channels… it comes back very quickly - much faster than the initial scan - is it really looking at all of the available signals? or is it trying to optimize by what the guide thinks should be there?  Or is it really that good at sampling all of the channels (or… is the super-fast sampling just blowing by marginal signals??)

no clue why, but… I split the signal to share with the Sony… and now I’m getting the channels I expect - some even better than the TV - go figure…


It is likely your preamp was over amplifying the signal. This can cause signal degradation where the tuners won’t pick up the channels. Thus by putting a splitter in line you’ve reduce the amplification. Interesting and weird eh?

Is your preamp adjustable?

@tim183 - Its likely your super strong signal was overloading the tuners. Glad you got it sorted out! 

@tim183 I only wish I had that problem. :slight_smile: