Lengthy Response Time For Ticket

On Sunday afternoon, I requested a ticket be opened for a problem that I’ve been having since December 12.

I also provided the MAC address of the problematic unit, with the thorough description of the problem.

I received this confirmation as soon as I sent the request.

“Your request was successfully submitted, 2023-12-17 at 16:30:32.”

Based on this statement, "Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within 1 business day. Mondays and days following holidays and firmware or app releases may be busier and require a slightly longer wait for support."

As of now, I have as yet to receive a response from Tablo, Wednesday, December 20 2023, 11:30 EST .

How much longer would I have to wait?

Have you replied to the confirmation email or attempted to add additional information? If so, every time you reply it moves your ticket to the bottom of the pile. If you haven’t made any attempts to reply or add additional information, then the delay is probably due to the huge amount of problems that users are having with the new Gen 4 Tablos.

No, I have not replied by email. I read that that here, https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/208312123-Tips-Working-with-Tablo-Support. I have made no attempt to contact Tablo.

Hi there @Cliqueofone

The confirmation email you received should also have said:

We are currently experiencing higher than normal volume, and our response times are longer than normal. Our current reply times are 2-3 days.

We are working to onboard new agents so we can get back to our 1-day goal, but in the meantime, we appreciate everyone’s patience.

Yes, that is what I also read in the confirmation email.

And as I previously mentioned, I received that confirmation email December 17, at 16:30 EST.

That was Sunday afternoon, and now it is 13:30, Wednesday, December 20.

Unless I’m mistaken, at 16:30 EST this afternoon, that will make it a total of four days!

The last sentence in that confirmation email, just above Tablo Support, “You’ll be hearing from us shortly!”

Perhaps it is time to hire more support.

They literally said “we are working to onboard new agents” which would seem to indicate they hired more support. :slight_smile:

Maybe they are just replacing those that have left.

I was contacted via email at 14:20. Unit is now in heartbeat mode. Standing by.

Sure, I didn’t use the word “additional” intentionally. New hires potentially replacing others who have left are still more new hires.