Legacy Tablo Updates

Has anyone heard or have any info on when the Legacy devices are going to get the new Firmware update that the Gen 4 has.

Until the Gen4 are working properly and reliably, I wouldn’t be in a rush. I’d rather they spend their time and money fixing that first.


Very true and also a good idea

It was originally supposed to be 4th quarter of last year. Obviously it’s been pushed out quite a bit. I haven’t kept up to to date with the Gen4 problems, they are still having issues?

Not sure I care about the update. The new streaming channels aren’t likely something overly interesting as there are so many FAST challenges available through things like Roku.


I believe I am going to not do the update when it becomes available. Don’t won’t to take the chance on messing up my Legacy Tablo


Legacy Tablo is stable. Let’s keep it that way :wink:


I have a legacy unit, but I wonder what it is that makes the 4th gen units so unstable. Is it mostly the integration with FAST channels?

They are merely newer and haven’t had all the kinks ironed out yet.

You don’t iron out architectural or high level design problems. You iron out implementation problems.


My thoughts exactly.