Legacy Tablo Support?

Is there any one still at Tablo that supports the older quad models that came with the WB blue HDD installed? The last person I spoke with didn’t even know they had such a device. I think a hard drive died, but support is saying it’s a network issue. Really? Can’t play live TV due to a storage error. Nothing records due to no storage. Go to settings, shows 800gb free. Same advice to reboot tablo. Should get popup to format HDD, refresh from browser not supported, only “primary tv” that the tablo is attached to will work. LMAO, tablo is not connected to a tv. Doesn’t even have an HDMI port.

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Ordered a 1TB WD SSD Hard drive, just installed and formatted. Can now play live TV, have scheduled a couple of recordings so we’ll see what happens then. Pretty bad when a support rep can’t trouble shoot a failed hard drive. Feel sorry for all the Canadians that clearly have been replaced with folks that have such thick accents you can’t understand them, and are not capable of critical thinking. At least this way I can attach an HDHomerun and see how I like that one for a transition.

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Wait… are you saying they outsourced their support? Geez!


Appears so. Very frustrating to deal with them now. New HD fixed the problem though.

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Isn’t the beauty of a USB drive is that you can take it to a PC and run the vendor’s utility to find out what condition the drive is in. I’m sure it has more insight to the drives condition then tablo’s remote support.

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When we expanded our hours to include evenings and weekends, we did bring in 3rd party support partners trained by our in-house team.

We recently onboarded a new batch of folks who clearly missed the mark in your case @pcullens

We’ll be using this as a teaching moment for them so they can be sure to catch things like this moving forward.

Shrten hours and bring support back in house instead of “support flunkies”

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The beauty of an internal drive is that it does not take the additional space as well as the extra power cord. You can also troubleshoot via a USB to SATA cable. I called support for a very specific reason, and could not get much of an answer. Usually when a drive fails, the cpu/bios will in some manner let you know the physical storage is not there. I assumed since the errors were storage related, it was the drive, but thought I would call support before dropping money on a HDD if it was something else, since settings was showing more than amplel space and it was only failing to record. Here are the various exchanges with support, via email and telephone:

Apr 1, 2024, 10:34 AM EDT

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Tablo Support.

Please send us a picture of the error message as well as the bottom of the Tablo so that we can investigate further.

In order to do a factory reset do the following steps:

  1. Remove the hard drive (if attached) from your Tablo DUAL HDMI or QUAD HDMI
  2. Remove the power adapter from the Tablo DUAL HDMI or QUAD HDMI
  3. Insert a small pin through the hole located on the bottom of the Tablo DUAL HDMI or QUAD HDMI
  4. Insert power adapter to the Tablo DUAL HDMI or QUAD HDMI while holding the pin in place
  5. Wait for “erasing” message on screen, release pin
  6. Wait for the Tablo DUAL HDMI or QUAD HDMI to boot up
  7. You will then be guided through the Setup Guide

Okay, so the above is for the wrong model. After sending the requested photos, I received this:

Apr 2, 2024, 12:55 PM EDT

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Tablo support.

As per the Tablo logs, there are a lot of errors. Please try changing the Ethernet cable or try connecting the Tablo via WiFi.

I hope this will work for you.

If you still have questions, please let us know!

So what errors? Ethernet error I assume? Hmmm.

Then finally this message this morning:

Apr 3, 2024, 9:38 AM EDT

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience.

Please disregard the email above. Several hard drive errors are shown in the logs. Could you kindly remove the hard drive, restart the Tablo, and reconnect?

Not a ton of help, considering that I could hear the drive making noises. That drive lasted less than 2 years, probably since Tablo’s run hot AF. I am placing a fan underneath it to see if I can get more time out of the drive. I believe the heat stress shortens the life significantly. I have a couple of 2TB Seagate Barracuda drives in a LaCie 2Big NAS that have been spinning for a decade without failure. Also running a Synology since I was sure the LaCie was going to die, but it’s still running. Of course, NAS bays have cooling fans.

At the end of the day, it’s all good since it is working again, and Tablo owned their slip up as seen above.

Thanks for owning this. Goes a long way when thinking of things like an NPS. Would like to move the the 4th gen, but need that legacy guide and commercial skip! Would also be awesome if you added support for NAS drives. Right now it seems like there is really geeky hardware available, and really simple stuff. You could attack a larger market if you bridged the two extremes.