Legacy Tablo doesn't connect over Wifi

I have a legacy Tablo DVR that is currently connected to my router via Ethernet. I was looking at relocating my router, and tried configuring my Tablo to use WiFi to connect, but no matter what I try, I can’t get it to work. Using the legacy Tablo app, I was able to edit the WiFi and connect to my router. However, once I disconnect the Ethernet cable and reboot, the Tablo never connects to my wireless network. The LED is blinking blue on the DVR which seems to indicate that it can’t connect. I checked and I don’t see the Tablo network that I think should appear if initial setup of the WiFi was required. Any ideas?

Have you tried the procedure detailed in the following support document?

Yes, I tried those procedures as well. In either case, once I disconnect the Ethernet cable and reboot, I am unable to connect via WiFi. It also doesn’t appear to be in WiFi setup mode because I don’t see the Tablo_xxxx network.

Not every device supports direct wifi. And some have an option to turn support of direct wifi on and off.

It has an option to connect to WiFi. I have set it multiple times but it doesn’t seem to detect it once I remove the Ethernet cable and reboot. For reference, my Tablo device is the legacy 2-Tuner Tablo OTA DVR (SPVR2-01-NA) model.

if your cell phone has hotspot capabilities, try to connect your Tablo to that. If it connects to your phone, the problem is with your router.

I have a legacy tablo quad and the wifi card died on the device. Being too far from my router to use a cable I used a wifi extender and plugged the tablo into the port on the extender and it now uses the extenders wifi to stream.