Legacy Tablo continually blinking blue light

Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread.
I’ve been communicating w Tablo support for 2 months and getting the same useless canned replies since November. In this thread I saw all the same symptoms that I was experiencing, as well as the same replies that Tablo “support” was sending to me. Having tried all of Tablo’s suggestions as well as a few of my own, I decided to try replacing the power cord. As luck would have it, I had a compatible one at home. IT WORKED! I plugged in and had to setup the device as if new since it had been disconnected for so long, but it’s working perfectly! Thank you all!

LatinMS - Can you tell me more about the blue light on your non-responsive Tablo? Was it blinking? If so, how frequently?

Hi. The blue light did it all - I kept the device completely connected the whole time it was not functional, in the hope that it would magically connect. Sometimes it blinked rapidly, sometimes slowly, sometimes it was solid blue. But despite whatever blink mode the light was in, it would not connect. I’m so pleased that such a simple fix (swapping out the power cord) resolved this months long issue.