Legacy Tablo 4 Tuner, new experience

Hi all,

I’d just like to confirm what I think I know. I have a “legacy” network 4-tuner Tablo. I’m assuming when we get the firmware update with the option to try the new experience, we will still be able to use all 4 tuners with the new experience. I wouldn’t think they would restrict the new experience to only using two tuners to match the hardware of the new Tablo but want to make sure before I assume. Our subscription runs out at the end of Oct, so we’re hoping we get to try the new experience before then so we can decide by renewal time.

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t keep recording shows to the external drive connected to the “legacy” device since they will not be watchable on new Tablo’s, but we are waiting until the 4-tuner models come to get a 4th gen (assuming the price point is nice). Initially, we were going to wait for ATSC 3.0, but since the FCC has extended the deadline to 2027, that could be awhile.

Also, one more question, I’ve noticed the threads where people are disappointed they can’t watch their recordings when the internet is down but I am getting the impression they are saying they are disappointed that feature wasn’t added. I can currently watch my recordings through the app when the internet is down on my TV (not on my tablet). Is this a change from the legacy devices or will it work the same way?

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However, a future upgrade to legacy Tablo models is planned to enable those devices to connect to the new Tablo app experience which does not require a subscription.

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The new software requires Internet (not merely network access) to function. While Internet does not go down a lot, the nodes in my area are above ground and subject to idiots trying to play bumper cars with them. So having functionality without internet has been a significant benefit of the legacy models that, as of now and to my understanding, is not available with the new software.

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Ah, that’s what I needed to know. That is no bueno. Internet here is pretty good but I live in a growing area and they’re upgrading all infrastructure, including cable & fiber and expect to continue doing so for the next few years. The town has already warned residents to expect outages over that time frame as they upgrade lines :frowning:

For gen 4 the internet is required for the FAST channels. But if you don’t selected any FAST channels will the gen 4 work like a legacy network tablo. These will work when the internet is down if you know what you are doing.

So they do have the ability to play recorded shows when the internet is down? On my current 4 tuner, when the internet is down, I can still use the app to play recordings and watch live TV. I have to get to the app in a round-a-bout way since I am using firesticks and the the home screen is unavailable when there’s no internet, but I can get to the app through the app management screen to watch OTA channels or recordings. I’m hoping that is the case with the Gen 4.

While I have firetv sticks they are a device of last resorts. And since my internet rarely I haven’t tested this on Roku since Roku OS 10.

But the key is knowing where your DHCP server is and whether it goes down when the internet goes down. A consumer DHCP server usually assigns IP assdresses with a lease time of 24 hours. So a device would typically have 12 hour lease renewal window before the IP address is stale.

My DHCP server is located on my ISP router and it goes down when the internet goes down. So my roku has 12 hours up to 24 hours before the IP address is invalid. Unless I lose power or do something stupid like reboot the roku or tablo device. Then the Roku/tablo has no IP address.


Thanks for the explanation. That answers my question.

When we had an internet outage Gen 4 wouldn’t work for me but my Legacy model was undeterred by the outage. This was on Fire Stick, Roku, and Chromecast with Google TV.

And do you have any FAST channels in your channels list. If so they require the internet. But if you have no FAST channels is the internet still required.