Legacy Table software update for AppleTV tvOS 17?

Ever since I updated our AppleTVs to tvOS 17 we can no longer view live TV without it freezing up during viewing. It was fine before (tvOS 16).

It annoys me, but is driving my wife crazy! Every time we watch the 6 or 10 o’clock news it freezes up at least a couple of times. When I press “forward” on the remote, it jumps to the current live position and we have to press “back” a bunch of times to try to find where we were.

It’s a pretty awful user experience.

If the content is already recorded, it seems to work OK (e.g. recorded Jeopardy).

But it makes it really hard to watch the news during dinner or bedtime.

tvOS 17 has been our for almost a month now, please fix this bug!

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I have reported the same problem the day iOS 17 came out and then again two weeks ago and I called support today and was told by support the legacy Tablo was not a priority they are trying to work the bug out on the new Tablo. I have both the old and new and neither will work with Apple TV. but was told when the new app comes out it should work again. but when it is going to be released who knows? Also from what I have read the new Tablo app you will not be able to use commercial skip or be able to stream outside the home. so they definitely need to fix the old app.

I am experiencing this same issue on my Apple TV. If this is NOT a priority with the Tablo team, then should I stop paying my monthly guide subscription? Hello Tablo support, paying customer here.

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Well you tell me if it’s a priority, I’ve been with Tablo for eight years and I’ve had a few problems over the years but when I called support they got right in the problem and the longest it has ever took was no more than three days. iOS 17 came out on September 18 2923 and today is October 14 2023. And I reported the problem right after I updated all my Apple devices except one Apple TV that still works with the Tablo but it is a inconvenience not being able to use my other Apple TV to watch local channels. I am a prime member and have Paramount+
So at least I can watch CBS News. But very disappointed about the way they are handling the older units. In my opinion they are doing more harm than good as far as customers that has been with them for years and tell everyone they know how good the Tablo has been can no longer do that because support told me personally that my old unit was not a priority.


Unclear what their strategy is, as the Legacy devices is where their Bread & Butter is with the subscriptions fees for the guide,
Buying the gen 4 is a one and done, no income after that.
It’s almost as if they are saying move to another platform.

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Other than an occasional lockup watching recordings, the biggest issue I have with the latest original Tablo AppleTV app on tvOS 17.0 is when I scroll through the Live guide it will hang on a specific channel every time. When it hangs the entire guide disappears and I have to scroll right to get it to reappear but it’s difficult to get past the channel that causes the issue to scroll down the guide. One workaround is to remove the channel from the active channels, but then the channel is not available for viewing. This just started happening so I assume it’s related to tvOS 17.

That is one of the problems when you updated Apple TV. It also freezes up when watching live tv it’s getting to where I just want to plug my antenna directly into my tv so so I can watch my local channels. It been almost a month with no word when it will be fix.

Unless you have very marginal signals, a splitter should not make too much of a difference. I have one splitter between the Tablo and a second splitter that feeds 2 TV’s.

This is going to be a bit tough to describe. @TabloSupport please take note.

I have noticed that when watching a recording in progress, if I’m behind live, playback is now quite liable to freeze, especially if I’m working the ten-second skip a lot, like when catching up on an NFL or MLB broadcast.

Also in these circumstances, the playback will often repeat itself or appear to leap back thirty seconds or so, as though it doesn’t realize I just skipped forward about that much.

This seems to be correlated to a spinner that appears next to the time once I skip forward, and doesn’t go away.

There are two workarounds:

  1. Exit the recording and click “Watch” again, or
  2. Skip back ten seconds. That seems to make the spinner go away, and playback becomes stable

…both are equally annoying :slight_smile:

I have noticed this problem on at least one other app that uses the native playback controls (the DW app from Deutsche Welle, the German news broadcaster), so I suspect it’s a bug introduced by tvOS 17.

This particular problem seems to have been fixed by tvOS 17.1 - try it!

However, the problem with the live TV grid remains :frowning:

Another 2 weeks and still can’t use the live guide to select a channel to watch. Please update the app to work with you tvOS.

Now in 17.2 it is completely broken on both live and recorded programs, it displays a black screen, will play maybe 5 seconds, freeze, then after 15 or 20 seconds, maybe another few seconds, and freeze again. Basically it is just useless now. I cannot even mirror from an ipad to the AppleTV without it freezing (though I can mirror anything else just fine). It’s as though the buffering formulas are all trashed now.

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I really don’t think they care about Apple user and the old Tablo. I’ve bent having problems with my tablo ever since the new tvOS and was told by customers service that the old tablo and Apple TV is not a priority and I am starting to believe them. I had to delete all the channels except 15 so I could use the program guide without it freezing up. I guess a few channels is better that no channel. But would love to be able to record and watch all channels available.

I have a Magnavox DVD recorder that I had before Tablo. And I got it out of my closet and hooked it back up it’s like using a vcr except use you dvd or the hard drive to record tv programs. For any Apple user that are tired of not being able to watch and record tv show I would suggest getting one. You have to manually program then to record but they work great. I couldn’t find one new anymore but they still make them just a different brand.

Magnavox MDR535 500GB HDD and DVD Recorder with SD Digital Tuner (Black)

I didn’t pay that when it was new but it a great recorder.

I agree - completely broken on iOS and tvOS 17.2 public betas. Wont play recordings or live tv.