Legacy Roku Channel Sees 4th Gen Tablo on LAN

I have both a legacy and a 4th Gen Tablo on my home LAN. My legacy Roku app sees both Tablo, but can only connect to the legacy model. I only noticed this since the last 4th Gen firmware update. And if I look at my legacy Tablo via my Android app while watching the Sam device on the Roku, the legacy device crashes requiring me to cycle power.

I don’t think the apps are interchangeable between both DVRs.

They aren’t. But it is interesting that the legacy Roku app sees the 4th gen Tablo. In beta testing, the 4th gen Roku app kept seeing the legacy device, so there is likely something quirky with Roku code.

My Android phone apps don’t have that issue. Neither one sees the other gen Tablo.


Exactly, which begs the question : why haven’t they fixed this in the legacy Roku app? (that’s a rhetorical question, K?)