LED stays on even when set to be disabled in app

So I think it is a bug with the interfaces not enorcing/updating to match the units state.

Currently in the web interface LED is not checked but the unit is on (in our bedroom that sucker is bright) I will look at the ipads later and do a follow up with there state


I had that happen to me once.  My fix was to turn it on in the interface and then turn it off.  

I’ve run into this as well (2-Tuner).  It started happening since the latest firmware update.  It’s also in our bedroom and the wife complained about it.  Once you turn it on/off it stays off but something is triggering it to kick back on.  For now I quick fixed it by using some electrical tape to cover the led.

i think it actually is something like ipad being set to on and web to be off and tablo doesnt do any conflict resolution like what ever app set it last wins … i dont really care as it doesnt bother us to much we just put something in front of it but just figured i would post it so @tablo would see it

@crichardso When you check the different devices - do they have different settings? e.g is it toggled on with your iPad and off with your PC (or vice versa)? I’ll pass this along to the team so we can check it out.

just looked laptop(led off) my ipad(led off) 

ill check my wifes ipad and my work computer tommorow