Leanback Mode - Keyboard controls not working in IE

Being a brave soul, I clicked the Leanback mode checkbox when I was setting up my Tablo. In Internet Explorer, Tablo is now unusable. The arrow keys don’t work for navigation, and the text is so big that I can’t get down to the spot on the page to uncheck it. It works fine in Chrome, and I can check and uncheck it no problem. But the setting seems to be browser specific.

Any suggestions?

The my.tablotv.com was designed to work in Chrome and Safari.

What version of IE are you using? You should be able to clear all the history and saved data IE and connect to the Tablo like for the first time. Thus disabling the Leanback mode.

@C_J_Bingel Hm, that’ odd. The controls worked here when I ran a quick test. If you’re till having issues, you may have to erase the cache (as @theuser86 mentioned) for the web app, and start fresh with a new sync.