Leanback Mode in android app

I’m really disapointed. I just bought Tablo and an Android Box but I can’t use the Tablo app on the box because it needs a mouse.

I thought I could enable leanback mode like the web app, but the option isn`t there.

Is there any way around this ?

What Android box?

The Tablo app is supported on the Nexus Player, NVIDIA Shield, and Fire TV. These all work with a remote.

Rest of the Android boxes are just tablets in a fancy box with an HDMI output - all causing problems for the Tablo app.

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I know that it works on those boxes, but tablo should have written on there website that only those 3 works.

It’s an m8s box, that is pretty popular. Only a toggle button would be nice.

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Well technically the Tablo app supports “Android TV” boxes, which are all based on Android 5.0 - see the link below.

Your device is running Android 4.4 which makes it not an “Android TV” box, it is just an Android box. Yes I am being technical which is annoying but it explains why the app doesn’t work on your device.

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Can I flash it with android tv OS ?

I have no idea - maybe? Google is your best friend.

Do you have any other set top boxes? Roku?

No, I bought this one especially for Tablo

Can you return it? That’d be best.

The Nexus Player is available for only $50 when on sale.

In canada too ? It would be difficult, It been a month or 2 since I bought it because I was trying to make it works.

Sorry no, the $50 is in the US.

Did you reach out to Tablo Support anytime in the last 2 months? They are generally very helpful.

I thought it was this board

This is a community forums where Tablo users can help you in addition to Tablo Support.

You can also submit a Support Ticket to contact Tablo directly. See link below.


Did you buy it from Amazon or someplace that advertised it as Android TV? If so, you might consult a lawyer about false advertising. Amazon US advertises it as:
OXA M8S Smart Android 4.4 TV

Try an air mouse…

Amazon Link:
Zenoplige Multifunction MX3 MXIII 2.4G Audio Air Mouse Wireless Mini Keyboard Infrared Remote Control 3-Gyro 3-Gsensor USB Wireless Receiver For KODI/XBMC Android Smart TV BOX Mini PC IPTV HTPC

I have a new Android 5.1.1 box here (Himedia H8 bought just last week just a few blocks from Nuvyyo’s HQ in Kanata) with the exact same issue. My Tablo works fine with the unit, but needs a mouse to navigate.

Interestingly, the Plex Android client had the same issue, BUT has a setting toggle for TV (Leanback) mode. It would be REALLY GREAT if Nuvyyo added this same toggle setting to the Android app (just like the do in the browser version). Consider this a feature request.

In the meantime, I’m stuck using the Kodi Android App with the Tablo add-on. Not as convenient (more steps and clicking). As a result, I pull all my media off the Tablo to my Plex server, but that doesn’t help for live TV.