Latest Android app accessing tablo tuner for Nvidia

The latest app can connect to both the stand-alone Tablo and the Tablo Tuner, but in the latter case, thumbnails and poster art don’t show up.

The Tablo Tuner engine app has all its thumbnails and poster art.

Samsung Note 8, Oreo

Only the Tablo ENGINE app is designed for use with Tablo TUNER.

The tablo engine app is running on the Nvidia Shield.

The “regular” tablo app is on my smartphone, where I can connect either to the Shield or to the Tablo that sits in the basement. When connected to the Tablo Tuner, there’s an orange line at the top of the app.

From my smartphone, I can change settings, set up recording schedules, etc. on both.

I can only watch live TV from the Tablo in the basement, as it always has been. That’s not the issue here.

Up until late this afternoon, I could see the thumbnails, pictures, etc. from both Tablos.

Now the pictures don’t seem to sync with the Shield anymore.

Even though you are saying you could see them from the response you got seems that scenario is not supported. That’s to be expected given the Tablo ENGINE app and tuner are meant to only work with the Shield TV.

See the following screen shots from my phone. Click one image to scroll through all three.

You can clearly see that the app can find the Tablo Tuner on the network and connect to it, like any other Tablo. The difference is the orange line and the inability to watch live TV or recordings. But it is very useful to have access to all the functions and use the smartphone as a remote controller.

That is correct.

While the Android mobile app is loosely based on our web-based app which IS supported for reviewing the guide and setting recordings, only the web app at is designed to work with Tablo TUNER/Tablo ENGINE.