Late Show with James Corden, not being shown as "New" in Guide

The show in the guide is not being shown as new in the guide, and the recording is setup to only record new. This seems to be a new thing the past 1-2 weeks according to my wife.

The shows are definitely new. Without this working, we’d have to record all which would lessen the Tablo value. Thanks.

I believe in a quick check that there are other known new shows that also seem to not being marked as new. In zip 60004

I have reported this for other shows as well. Apparently I did not provide enough information for Tablo to follow up with their guide provider. Since, according to them, it is an issue with the data provided by your local provider to the guide provider who in turn provided the incorrect data to Tablo.

I gave up and decided to just give in and “record all”

Edit: I found my thread but it has been removed to a non-public section of the forum, so I can’t share it with you.

Bardel, thanks. @TabloSupport, I am interested in the current state of this. Certainly, $4.99 a month is not a lot, but the only use of the guide we every make is to setup recording of “new” series programs and if that is spotty, I might as well just make them manual recordings and save the $5/month

This has been an issue with two programs I record since day 1, the guide data never marks the shows correctly – Chicago Tonight on 11-1, and Week in Review on 11-1. I have those manually set, because otherwise it would record tons of them – which is where the keep “x” will be useful, but that is being worked on I know.

If you had to depend on the WEB site for channel 11-1 for it’s TV schedule in order to only watch new episodes, can you tell from their schedule which shows are new?

You do know that all-capitalized words typically are acronyms, right? And the World Wide Web (aka "the Web) is not an acronym, so your use of the acronym could be construed as asking someone to look at the World Electronic Broadcast. Which would be wrong.

However, if I lookup CBS 11’s schedule on the Internet, I find this:

And amazingly, yes it does indeed highlight James Corden’s show as new. It does so for a range of shows, and can filter out non-new shows.

Also, interestingly enough, it seems to be a commercial use of schedule data, with a link to Titan TV’s website - something that we’ve been told in another thread was not possible since TitanTV was for non-commercial use only.

Now that I have answered your question, please answer me this: What does the website’s schedule information have to do with whether a) Tablo’s guide provider provides accurate information to Tablo, or b) Tablo’s guide provider has accurate data from local broadcasters, or c) whether Tablo interprets the supplied guide data correctly?

I’m in a different zip, different CBS, but tonite’s show 12/14 w/Hugh Jackman, etc… shows as new (in case anyone wondered if the problem was universal… of course, maybe I just got lucky).

Then it must be a mess-up with the CBS affiliate here:

Anyway, I guess I complained once too many - my buddy sent me a new Tivo Roamio with lifelong guide subscription. I’ll be setting it up on our primary TV tomorrow when I get another antenna.

Same here, 60004

Hi folks - We’re doing a bit of a deeper dive on this.

Keep on sending details as you see oddities.

It takes a village… :wink:

The one I love is that 2-4 times a year the Thursday night NFL game doesn’t show up as Live. Thus the extend live recording option doesn’t kick in and you have to record the followup shows just to be safe. And it’s always just the Thursday game.


NBC Nightly news, setting is Keep 1, record new.

Recorded Friday night fine. Just checked a few minutes ago (Sat night), only one episode in the recording list, however, it was the same Fri night episode, was not written over by the Sat night episode.

CBS daytime soaps are “NEW” on Wed, Thur and Friday. Not tagged on Monday and Tuesday. Also no season info on Mon and Tues. They get categorized as “other seasons”. Wife saves last 5 episodes.