Late Show stopped recording after new year

The guide doesn’t recognize new shows as being Season 1, so I scheduled to record all, not just new shows and it still hasn’t recorded any. :confused: I deleted and recreated the schedule. Anything else to try?


Sorry to hear that… Can you please send a note to our support team so we can look into this for you?

Provide as much info as possible including the app you’re using to schedule it:

So, I was messing around some more and noticed that maybe the issue was that my guide said it was last synced 29 days ago. I tried to manually sync it and it wouldn’t update the number. I then rebooted Tablo and the guide synced (although it took a really long time). I’m going to wait until tonight to see if it will now record my show.

I had this exact problem the other day.

Perhaps something to investigate @TabloTV?

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You are absolutely correct - my problem with the guide was exactly as you described in your post. One of the main problems, I suppose is that the sync probably produces an error during sync and Tablo simply hides it. I wonder if there’s a way to get to the logs and post them here for them to fix?

@Ilya_Voloshin - We’d need to log into your box to access the logs.

@TabloTV - How do we make this happen? Do you need my Tablo account info? Do I need to open a trouble ticket in another system? What’s next? Please download the logs so you can fix this apparent bug…

They don’t work the weekend, but I believe you’ll want to contact them via email at They will need your Tablo’s MAC address.

I’m having the exact same problem with no recordings and won’t synch. Please help

Yes - you need to contact us and provide your MAC address: