Last Question :) : HD SSD vs Spinning

About ready to take the plunge. Thinking of getting the quad networked version and adding an internal HD

Any reason to get an SSD over a regular HD or vice versa? Thinking of 1 TB SATA 3, but ssd or hd not sure (2.5" form factor).


Nope. You can safely save some money with an HDD.

Of course, as SSD prices continue to decline… someday…

I went with a SSD because they’re quieter.

Maybe not a concern if it’s hidden a closet or somewhere you don’t hang around much.

SSD performed better for me than HDD (more responsive to playback, fast forward, etc), and I would have stated it’s more reliable, except that mine failed earlier this year :-/

Regardless of drive performance Tablo QUAD to bottle-necked either by USB 2.0 or the Serial ATA II (3Gbps) interface. specs

Likely all drive specs are rated for Serial ATA III (6Gbps) which your tablo isn’t.

Technically true, but it’s still more than enough.

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There’s a thread here somewhere that a Samsung Fit Plus thumb drive has been used with success. It’s very small and has the read/write speed for video recording and playback. I think the thread mentions it’s been working flawlessly for someone for 3 years.

It’s true that the specs of any modern drive are plenty fast to stream your recordings once they get going, however there are dimensions to drive performance beyond transfer bandwidth. SSDs can begin retrieving the relevant file more quickly than HDDs, and I’ve observed snappier behavior in practice as a result (more responsive to playback, fast forward, etc).


I don’t refute this, and others reprieve a performance improvement as well. Just pointing out, the milliseconds it’s quicker… is likely lost waiting on the dated interfaces. A drive can have all the necessary data cached ready to move, but can only move as fast as the system allows.

So while the lickety-split fast drive is pumped up with a cache of data… the regular drive can move along just the same due to the system’s limits of either USB 2.0 or SATA II. (neither of these limit the tablo’s performance). Tablo’s processor and overall performance likely can never reach the capacity of a high-end storage device, or over an entry level one.

About the only thing I notice is maybe a few seconds delay to start playing if the drive has gone to sleep.