Last channel function on remote

I just got a Dual HDMI two days ago. I have it connected via ethernet. The last channel function stopped working today. Everything else is working fine. Anybody else have this problemm? IS there a fix, other than getting a new one?

You could probably take it apart to see if anything is interfering with the button, but since you just received it I’d contact Tablo for a replacement.

Actually, I think I may have figured it out. If I access the channels from the guide, the button to switch back to the last channel does nothing. But, if I’m on a channel and hit the “up” button to display the channels in half screen, and select another channel, the “back” button is effective. Seems strange. I have a question into Tablo support to verify.

That’s the way it works with my dual lite and Roku. You also see the active tuners position on top of mini guide and other tuner on the bottom.

Hi there @Duncan,

As a confirmation and to add some additional information, the ‘last channel’ button only has the memory of the previous channel you were on if you changed channels within the player, using either the ‘up’ button to select a channel from the list, or the channel up/down buttons on the remote.

Once you back out of the player into the guide, the session is over, and any concept of ‘last channel’ also goes away.

Hey everybody - Thanks for your input. I think I understand it better now