Laptop hook up question

I have had Tablo hooked up to my smart tv’s, and I really enjoy being able to watch recorded shows. How do I hook up Tablo to my laptop?

Thank you

Do you have a HDMI Tablo or a network Tablo?

I have the TABLO QUAD (R) Model is TQNS4B-02-CN

Since it’s a network Tablo you don’t really “hook it up” to your laptop but you can access it via a browser with the the URL or if it’s a Windows laptop you can install the Tablo Windows app (Microsoft Apps)


Sorry to bug you again. When I go o the lower right on my laptop, and hover my mouse above wi-fi networks, I do not even see Tablo. I see my modem, and the security system I have. I did install the app. On "connect via Wi-Fi, it asks me for my password. Where do I find a page to even type in my modem password for Tablo? Thanks.

You don’t have to directly connect to the Tablo by wifi as long as it is already active on your network. Use a browser such as Chrome or Microsoft edge and enter on the address bar. It should automatically connect to your Tablo.

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What do I do next?

How is your smart TV hooked up to the Tablo? Is there a cord connecting the 2? Is it an HDMI or Ethernet cable? Do you get guide data?

Seems there is something unusual about your setup. Just trying to narrow down how you’re running it.

“Already have a Tablo DVR?”

Search Again

Then does it find it? Are your tablo and laptop already on the same network? (Doesnt matter if one is wired and one isn’t if they work from the same router)