Laptop cooling fan for Tablo - $9.99 today only

Anyone in Canada who wants to cool their Tablo, great deal of the day from Newegg.

Just don’t put your hard drive on top of that rotating electrical field!

Thanks, @theuser86

I’m enjoying my one month free shipping with my Newegg Premier account trial right now and I was looking for something to cool my almost-too-hot-to-touch Tablo (I’ve read the blog entry – still…)

Would it be all right and not too energy inefficient for such a fan to run 24/7? It has no off button, but then, our Tablos never rest either!

Hey, thanks for the post. I ordered the DEEPCOOL WIND PAL MINI Laptop Cooling Pad 15.6" Slim Design 140mm Silent Fan Blue LED from Newegg US for 9.99 with free shipping and got it yesterday in 24hrs. I set my Tablo and 2TB Seagate usb portable drive on top of it and plugged it in. It makes NO noise and very little breeze …but my Table is now just barely warm to the touch and before it was HOT - 90++. And my HD seems to be just fine up there…so far

Now I know that they say that 90+ is normal for the unit, but I have always found that cooler electronics seem to last longer.

Thanks again for sharing. :smiley:

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No problem.

To continue the thread, for those in Ontario, another deal for only $12.99:

Received mine today. It’s far from silent… but there is already a huge drop in temperature after less than an hour of use. In any case, I have been thinking of moving my Tablo to the utility room (just the room beyond the computer area), since that’s where the antenna’s coax comes in anyway! So the Tablo and the fan could keep each other company there and not bother me (this fan really engulfs the Tablo: it hadn’t realized how big it was).

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