Lack of Support or is something up at Tablo

I called the Support phone number. It went straight to music no announcement saying this was Tablo support. Said I was number 2 in line. Waited 10 minutes and decided to dial on a second line while keeping the first active. Same thing, second in line again. Tried the chat button in support. Said there was one person ahead of me. Then said everyone was busy. Chat bubble still sitting on screen. Call their office number and hit 1 for support. Got a message to leave a message and they would get back to me. Called their office number and asked for Sales, got there SUPPORT Message. What up have they flow the coop.

Sorry @Alfred - we weren’t at our desks when you happened to call. Everyone is back now and happy to help.

Sorry, same issue earlier trying your chat feature and no response to ticket or thread I opened… :frowning:

We’ve got your ticket @Jestep. There’s just a few other folks ahead of you in queue.

No worries, I just think it may be the browser code is causing this issue and anyone else that has to clear cache will see it also :confused:

@Jestep - I believe the team was working with you last night and things are on their way to being resolved.

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