Kodi Style Controls?

I am running the Tablo through an Android box and using a remote. This box also runs various programs, including Kodi. The one nice thing about Kodi is that the pause/fwd/rew and other remote buttons all work with the media. With Tablo, these key mappings are not recognized making the user experience a lot less when viewing.

Not sure if anything has been done to map common remotes to the Tablo, like Kodi, but it would help the user experience immensely.

@cfbenn - At the moment we officially support two types of Android TV streaming devices - Nvidia Shield and Nexus Player which may be why you’re not having a great time with an unsupported device.

That being said, we do have some good things in the works for the KODI universe so please stay tuned on that!

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I am using a Minix box. I was under the assumption that the remote control (regardless of brand) follows the standard codes for pause/ff/rew/play etc…? My remote seems to work fine with other Android apps on the box (including Kodi) except for Tablo.