Kodi/OSMC support?


I’m building a home, and setting up my audio and video from scratch (or, almost from scratch). The one piece that I’m keeping is my Kodi device (formerly XBMC) running on a Raspberry Pi (OSMC distro). The only reason I haven’t ordered a 4-tuner Tablo with a lifetime subscription is because I haven’t found a way to integrate the Tablo with the OSMC front-end. I need OSMC instead of a Roku for the integration into my whole-home audio system.


If OSMC/XBMC supports playback of HLS media streams, then you could build your own support using the Tablo apis. I doubt it would be too crazy hard.

We would actually be interested in working with someone to create a KODI plugin. If you’re willing to step up to the plate, let me know.


Install the PleXBMC plugin in Kodi and then install the unofficial Plex Tablo channel on your server. This is currently the only way to access a Tablo from a Kodi device. I’ve got this setup on a CuBox i4 w/ Xbian and it works fine. There’s a couple of nuances to this setup, but for the most part it works pretty well.

This assumes you of course are running a PLEX server somewhere (I happen to) but I would also appreciate a KODI plugin for low end players like KODI on a RaspberryPi

Apparently its all done in Python


Oh, I completely agree with you. I’d like a native Kodi plugin over having to launch it this way. Takes the stress off of my Plex box and puts it back onto the local hardware.

I WAS going to dig into making a Kodi plugin. Then I realized all my Android boxes can run the Tablo Android App.

Mind you the wife does not like having to exit Kodi so the pressure will eventually force me back to finding or making a plugin…


That’s okay. HDHomeRun has a Kodi app. I’ll probably just buy one of those, then. No PVR, but I can put together a TVHeadEnd on an OpenElec RaspBerryPi 2 relatively easily.

I’m surprised the Pi is working well. I decided to use Android media players that have a hardware codec chip. Solves problems playing HD content (stream or file) as well as DRM material.

Otherwise I would have gone with the Pi’s myself.

I was actually surprised to discover you can run Plex Media SERVER on the Raspberry Pi 2 … I was skeptical so I tried it myself with some test video files that make the fans kick on with my PC/Linux based PMS and it indeed worked great for 1080p streaming… color me shocked.

Raspis are amazing!

They are what I use to build working prototypes of custom embedded equipment (if it does not need a tonne of storage).

I work in Python and am tickled pink to see how tight the integration is under Debian. It blows me away they got the general purpose I/O drivers - and bus drivers - built into the Linux kernel.

So as soon as I hook up a sensor, like temperature, within milliseconds a device interface file - with the current temperature in it - appears on the “disk”! Instead of writing device drivers, I just read the file. Brilliant!

Raspi works so well I think at least one prototype is going to become the heart of a client’s first production model run… Very cool.

I was really impressed the Rpi2 could handle the task of on demand video transcoding… but I also like them and I think at last count I got like 6 of them … lol…

While I only had a “test” setup I am seriously considering moving my primary plex server over to be Rpi2 based since its low power when idle which is a nice plus.

I would be willing to give this a shot, I have written 2 kodi plugins before. I also think a Kodi App would allow for branding for partners.


I’d be happy to do the grunt work so I can learn the Zen of Kodi plugins.

Stay tuned guys… There are things afoot in the KODI universe…


Meh, you guys should just stay away from that platform.