Kodi or plex for gen 4

I just purchase the Tablo Gen 4. Have a few questions.

  1. Is there an add-on or work around to get Tablo to work with Kodi or Plex?

  2. Can the tablo DVR files be copies/move to PC hard drive?

  3. I see they are working on the Samsung TV app, is there a work around without purchase a streaming device, like using Plex.

  4. when in the guide, how can you see what playing (PIP).


I thought I would reply as I’m a big KODI fan as well.

So, the challenge that I see with putting KODI on a Tablo Gen4 is that:

  1. you would be running single instance software on a device that is made to display on multiple screens, and …
  2. The Tablo team would need to open up the OS for Kodi to be added… and that would take up a lot more resources on something likely underpowered to do so.

If you want multi-screen Kodi, I suggest that you go client -server:

Load all your vid & music content on a server / NAS that is always on (it can sleep to save energy, Kodi can wake it). share teh location

Load Kodi on your smart TV’s. bam. done.

To do this, you likely want to check on running the KODI DB’s in a central location in MySQL. (why: so you have one repository of watched state… allows you to go from screen to screen with continuity)

Setting up Profiles in the Kodi clients would likely be good as well. (why: Adults, kids, Christmas content, whatever…)

KODI runs on SO many different platforms that there is a LOT of different ways that you can get it displayed on a screen… I just don’t see Tablo being worth trying to make that happen.

Heck, you can pick up an ONN Android box for $20 at Walmart and have that work to display Kodi even if your TV isn’t smart.

For more info google: “KODI MySQL”, “KODI Profiles”, “KODI ONN”

One other thing… there is a Tablo client for Kodi. (a Tablo plug-in to be used inside a Kodi environment)

Although to be honest, I’m not sure if it works with Kodi 20 Beta 2.

Keeping the two separate will likely be better. Don’t want to create a rift in the time-space continuum or something.

The plugin I’m aware of doesn’t work on current versions of Kodi.
It was written in Python 2 for the legacy Tablos.
As far as I know, there is no easy way to access the Tablo Gen4 with Kodi, Plex or PC. Maybe I’m behind on the latest though.