Kodi Addon Record Playback

Kodi Addon Record Playback is not working. I recorded a show it display but when open there is nothing there to make it play. But same shows is fine in Android App.

What version of Kodi are you running? The newest v17 aka Krypton?

17.0 released.

The Tablo addon has not been updated in a while and it was on Kodi v16 aka Jarvis.

Can you go back to v16.1 and try it? Works for me on Jarvis.

Well it’s kind not easy because I would loose all my settings. You can’t go back. I just run as a android app from kodi that works. I put it in favorites so its easy to get to it.
I will wait…

What device are you running Kodi on anyway?

Nvidia Pro TV. New model.

The Android app does not work well on the NVIDIA Shield?

Everyone always says it is quite good.

Works good. I triad with Kodi 16.1 and its working but I have aanother problem. The time is wrong. When I start Tiablo its starts with right time let say 10 pm but the after fes seconds its changes to 3pm and guide changes.

@Joseph_Bejm - I’ve asked our QA team to look at the KODI plugin w/ KODI 17.

The time setting is done based on the device used during setup but it can also be affected by the time zone on the viewing device. If ALL of your times are off, try running another channel scan.

If it’s just on the Shield, try checking the time zone settings.

If you want to update the time zone, you can run another channel scan: