KING-TV in Seattle gone missing

Any other Tablo users in Seattle?  I’ve lost KING-TV in my channel list as of yesterday.  When I do a channel scan it hops right over channel 48.

I can’t believe it’s a reception issue, because I get 5 green dots for KONG-TV (channel 31), which shares the same transmitter location.

We haven’t heard of any outages for guide data - though if you’re not able to scan it in at all it’s likely a reception issue. Not insinuating that your signal is bad; the broadcaster may simply be having OTA issues at the moment.

I lost the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati for almost a week due to an outage on their end…  Check the stations website, oyu may find that their OTA capability is broken.

I discovered something interesting this evening.  It seems as if either (a) the gain on my massive Winegard Yagi is too high for the Tablo tuner or (b) I was suffering from severe multipath interference or © both.  After an hour of futzing around with the Winegard in the attic and getting progressively more annoyed, I stuck my cheap and cheerful RCA omnidirectional in the attic.  And there came KING-TV with 5 green dots.  I’d also been having issues with KOMO-TV (which is 15 miles away and puts out 1000 kW of broadcast power), and so far it’s all looking good.  

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

@Pundit - Glad you got it sorted out.