Killer feature idea that would set tablo apart

I have a awesome idea that would make this the ultimate dvr??? Make it possible for a user to add their own content from their private collection to a folder on the hard drive to put movies and shows in and be able to stream it to their devices the same way you can watch live tv and recordings! Do you think this is possible?

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Considering this is a previous product of Nuvyyo…I’d say your suggestion might be possible.   :slight_smile: 

We have certainly discussed a frankenstein baby of the Jetstream and Tablo. Everything is on the table - it’s just about time and resources at this point :slight_smile:

Time & resources mean more customers and more $$$$$ :slight_smile:

Indeed! We’re scaling up the dev team right now so we’ll be able to move a bit faster over the coming months. 

Great Idea. Do it. I also agree that time & resources mean more customers and more $$$$$