Kids deleted my shows

I was wondering how hard it would be to add control over who gets to delet tv shows off the Tablo. My kids deleted some shows seal team and 911 before I got to watch them. Maybe you could add administration account so that’s the only way to delete a show.

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How long would it be before the person who knows how to connect into the administration account gets tired of being the focal point for other peoples episode deletes and unscheduling changes. They then just give out the administrations password and the world is back to ground zero.

Been asked for before, but hasn’t made it to the top of the list

It is possible to protect a show. Users will be shown a warning before a protected show is deleted.

Unfortunately multiple user accounts are not high on our priority list at the moment.

One solution may be to purchase a secondary Tablo for the kiddos to use.

I had the same,problem with app I use with my Apple TV called infuse it is app I uae to stream dvd I ripped and put on my wd mycloud they would watch then delete the movie or show but the the wd my cloud it had a setting where I could get them access to the drive but only read they couldn’t right or delete movies on the drive. I have another Tablo that the wifi went out on I just can’t get around that easily any more because of West Nile virus. But even if I set it up for the children would they not see both Tablo on the network? What would keep them from accessing that Tablo. They are 6 & 7 and all they do is hit a icon with the show they want to watch. Maybe I can explain to them not to hiit the delete button.
Is there a way to set up the old Tablo for the children but not see the other one?

It’s easy to name your Tablo units.

Just name one “KIDS” and one “ADULTS” and teach them to select the one named “KIDS”. There isn’t a way to hide one on the network, but if they can read simple words they should be able to choose the right one.

You could have a router that supports VLANs, or replacement router software that supports VLANs (DD-WRT) or a second WiFi router with the uplink port connected to the first that has it’s own DHCP server assigning subnet addresses in a different subnet then the primary.

Or you could go old school and whack their knuckles with a ruler when they make that mistake - they will quickly learn what not to do.

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I like the old school method but I’m sure they really didn’t do it on purpose. I will explain what not to do when using the Tablo. But it would be a nice feature in the app my mom and dad would probably delete show not understanding how to use the app. They have cable and my mom don’t understand why a local channel 13 not 13 on cable but she in her 70’s. She also has a out door antenna hooked up for when cable goes out but it’s hard for her to understand why you have to change the input on the tv to antenna. Once she had me put picture in picture on so my dad cloud watch a baseball and football game at the same time 3 weeks later she ask me to turn it off because the picture in picture was covering up the time and temperature at the bottom of the screen lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I hope I never get to where I don’t understand how things work.

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Some of us start there… all of us end up there :slight_smile: Good health to your mom!! lol!

Maybe rather than have an admin account that can only delete recordings, create a recording option that protects the program after it’s been recorded.
The down side to this will be to delete a group of programs, you’ll have to un-protect each one individually before deleting the group. A minor inconvenience to protect your recordings.
Just my two cents…

Please allow restrictions by device. I want my kids to be able to record and watch shows from the Tablo via their laptops, tablets and phones. But I don’t trust them not to accept firmware updates, change configurations (deliberately or on accident), change programming, delete my shows etc. The simplest would be “view and add REC only” profile which I would extend to their devices, but set my laptop up for full access profile so I can manage the Tablo safely.

My oldest has synced her laptop and will be able to view Tablo TV and recordings while away at college. I do trust her not to mess things up, but my younger ones at home tend to “explore” what is possible, and would very likely tamper with the setup of the Tablo. That is my biggest fear. If I could restrict the ability by device, I would be more comfortable with them viewing the Tablo from their streaming clients.

I agree.
Had to buy myself an extra Tablo just so my wife can fill up her own hard drive.

Wait, what’s Tablo’s incentive for this enhancement?
They’ll lose money on customer’s like me, cuz we won’t need to buy more Tablos.

Probably an interesting feature to have. Of course, with kids it sort of like letting them use the key to your car (e.g. TV control) and assuming they’ll open the door, open the trunk but never put it in the ignition switch. So, like many things in the world (the microwave, the oven, the stove, the gas lighter, matches, etc…), discipline might still be the best answer. Just because there’s a lot of “these things” in the world today (and I don’t want to see everyone inside their own plastic bubble).

(I get really tired of all the “walls” being put up everywhere for “my protection”)

Oh, this is not the same thing at all.
Switching control from one user to another is easily managed in your examples.

I don’t see it happening (at least any time in the next few years) because of all the UI changes that brings. It’s a major change in functionality and added screens, and it would need to be done on every platform (or someone will complain that so-and-so platform isn’t “secure”).

Sure, it would be nice, but would have a very low priority. The Tablo has been out for 5 years, and I have seen maybe two threads asking for this.